What's New in VIPER VIPER - Enhanced Version - Login Required

VIPER - Standard Version - No Login Required

NOTICE: VIPER will be seeing some changes over the course of the next several months. In order to keep current with technology trends VDEM is going to transition the VIPER platform away from a FLEX viewer to a different system of delivering geospatial information about weather and other hazards to the Commonwealth of Virginia. The first part of this transition will mean some logistical changes that reduce the administrative overhead and technical support requirements of VIPER.

Effective immediately, VDEM will no longer issue or maintain user accounts for the enhanced or secure version of VIPER. Users who are new to VIPER will need to use the Standard version of VIPER that does not require a password. For the time being, existing users with credentials can continue to use the Enhanced version and login as normal. However, the VIPER team will no longer unlock accounts or reset passwords. If you are facing one of these situations please use the Standard version of the application.

On September 1st access to the enhanced or secure version of VIPER will be removed and users will only be able to access the public version of VIPER. Information that had previously been considered secure is now accessible through VDEMs WebEOC platform. Changes have already been in place for some time to remove any significant differences in the content and functional aspects of the public and secure versions of VIPER so users should not experience any loss of capability. If you have questions about these changes, please email the VIPER team at viper@vdem.virginia.gov.

After September 1st the public facing or standard version of VIPER will continue to operate as it currently does. However, VDEM will be seeking input from stakeholders to determine what the need for an emergency management focused geospatial viewer is. These needs will be used to develop requirements for developing a modern geospatial tool that meets the needs of our user community.